Genart Skyline City Generator

I don't know how to draw

This project of genart (generative art) City Skyline Generator was done as a learning project for using javascript and the canvas element in html together with my son (shtivaerev) and you can find it on github under genart.

I created this project because "I don't know how to draw" and I really like the dystopian look of cities. We are currently working on more projects under the idea and although genAI (generative artificial intelligence) and other projects like Midjourney and Dall-E are doing a much better job, it is still fun to develop.

We are working on more projects under the genart section and "I don't know how to draw section" and we intend to improve this one as well. So if you feel like it, follow the project on github and you can add more.

Cnaan Aviv