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cnaan aviv

Cnaan Aviv

I live in Moshav Gittit, I like writing code, create usefull software and develop interesting projects.

In some of my well know projects you can find kama kesef - how much money to bring for weddings, or gematria calculator - an online gematria value synonymous finder.

You can visit my blogs breakpo.com about programming issues, or see what my company underdog projects developes. You may read short stories i wrote in hebrew or see some more projects of mine.

Cnaan Aviv.

My Latest Projects

email2json.net email2json.net
Online software for family and SME budget management. Connects to all Bank and Credit Create webhook email api for email automation - receive your email as json in post data.

myexpenses.co.il logo myexpenses.co.il
Online software for family and SME budget management. Connects to all Bank and Credit Cards account and create statistics and meaningful graphs from raw data of Incomes / Outcomes and Expenses.

News Analysis
News trends and analysis of topics appears in the news. Follow a specific topic and see the timeline and news trends. A tool for news researchers.

News Trends Israel
Online Analysis for News from Israel and News Archive viewed on timeline graph.

Planet Commander
html5 canvas short game, conquer the galaxy. (planet commander direct link)

Game Of Life
html5 canvas short game, yet under development.

Online Gematria Calculator.

Understand My Dreams
Dreams interpretation and analyzation online.


Make My Day
Algorithm for Electric Vehicle charging route during the day (Startup).

Underdog Projects
Out sourcing development, coding and support.

My crazy ideas seeds in this company.

Swift Coding
SaaS specialist coding tailor-made software.


Backpackers and travelers social app. Never feel alone again while travelling. Find friends and things to do around you.

Make My Day
Smart navigation app for running your errands and driving assistance, creating the optimal route for your day.

Boutique Amalia
eCommerce online store for Israeli Designers.

Israeli Drushim and Job Offers websites trends analysis. See the hottest trends in the job market and plan your career.

Vet Key
SaaS veterinary clinic managment online.


Programming and Development blog, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, C / C++, Java, DirectX and more...

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